You are unique

Is emotional eating the real reason behind your struggle with weight? Almost every culture uses food as a way to celebrate; subconsciously this teaches us to associate food with happiness. Has food become a way for you to avoid feelings of loneliness, sadness, guilt, anger or boredom? Emotional eating is common but is also an entirely unique experience and the reasons why we overeat or eat foods that cause us to gain weight is a very personal.

Through Hypnosis you will be able to identify the subconscious triggers that have been driving YOUR eating habits. By using personalized hypnotic suggestions, you can overcome the past programming that has made you an emotional eater. You will learn how to meet your emotional needs through healthy alternatives so that emotions no longer control your hunger.


Reveal your beauty

You already know what the guidelines are for losing weight. You’ve been on the low carb, high protein, juice only, gluten free, wrap yourself in cellophane plan. You know all about the importance of choosing quality foods in the right amount. You understand the connection between an active lifestyle and reaching your weight loss goals. But knowledge alone doesn't arm you with the tools to succeed.

Hypnosis works in conjunction with your chosen diet plan. Through hypnotic suggestion, you will be able to quickly and automatically follow the plan that you and your doctor have decided is right for you. Hypnosis teaches the body to crave healthy foods while creating an aversion to foods that cause you to gain weight. You can also eliminate the thoughts that have kept you from enjoying exercise in the past and align your mind with your body’s natural desire to be active.


Your new life awaits

The beauty of using hypnosis for weight loss is that by identifying your behaviors and creating new coping mechanisms for emotional eating you are equipped to keep the weight off. You've successfully changed the way your mind perceives food, and you have instilled new exercise habits to create a healthy lifestyle. Airó Hypnosis provides you with a recorded audio copy of your sessions to be used as self-hypnosis recordings should you find that you need a little boost or a reminder from time to time. Sustaining your new habits is natural and painless with hypnosis.

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